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Home juicing can be creative and healthy way of drinking juice. Instead of drinking store-bought, pre-packaged juice, you can drink a freshly extracted juice that retains more nutrients. You can also experiment with all kinds of exotic fruits. With the right juicer and good produce, you only have to use your imagination to create delicious beverage and add juicy flavor to salad dressings, marinades, sauces and desserts...
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We take great pride in every part of our eCommerce business. From our website to our products, prices and world class customer service. We don't just want to earn your Juicer and Blender business once, but for a lifetime of repeat business. Premium Juicers is considered the authority in Juicers and other small Kitchen & Home Appliances...

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We are owned and operated company which specializes in eCommerce and great online shopping experiences. We are located in Windy City, Chicago Illinois. The company was started to provide people an easy, simple way to purchase quality products online and ship them directly to your door. We know our customers want quality products at affordable prices. We strive every day to make that happen...
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